Notun Pujor Jama (New Festival Clothes) For Kids Sheltered By Hope Kolkata Foundation

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Recollecting the pleasure of treating a street kid with an orange ice-cream, often kindles in us happiness, shared by little kind gestures…. The smile with a blink must have filled our heart with so much of optimism! It did not require us to crusade for any significant social change, yet we made a difference.

We as a collective, need not always get worked up by wide ranging problems in the horizon. Rather, we as individuals, should try and contribute to small changes in order to restore lost faith in humanity.

Notun Pujor Jama is one such initiative by Hope Kolkata Foundation. An attempt will be made to reach out to kids residing in the homes of Hope Foundation in Kolkata with new clothes, during Durga Puja. This event will be an integral part of Daan Utsav or Joy Of Giving week, celebrated around the nation from 2nd to 8th of October each year.

Hope Foundation has been associated with the cause for a long time now and organizes special events with corporate and civic support. Be it a hotel sponsoring lunch for kids or setting up of a wish tree in a renowned school premises, it becomes a platform for mutual exchange adding lot more meaning in a common man’s life. The deprived children are made to feel special for perhaps just a day, but leaves with them memories to cherish all round the year.

This year Hope Kolkata Foundation along with the cooperation of Krowdcircle calls for the support of the privileged multitude to add a smile to the face of 1000 kids sheltered in the homes of Hope. Contribution, as minimum as Rs 500, will be significant in providing each kid with a brand new dress. Besides the new dress, they too will have something remarkable to share in their circle, just like we prefer, during festivities.

The value of Daan is vitally weaved in the fabric of Indian society. Being an heir of assets is a luring cake walk, but, when it comes to living up to the morals set forth by tradition, we are at a back foot. This year, let us not get deterred by thoughts of what we are parting with, it is just happiness we are sharing!

One of the greatest lessons that adults can learn from children is the enviable ability to find happiness with simplicity”- Summer Jeirles


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