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About us

Who We Are

Krowdcircle is a unique and advanced crowd-funding platform that seeks to connect distinct individuals and registered NGOs in need with the civil society all over the world. This connection fosters into fundraising of monies for distinct causes. At Krowdcircle, we ensure that no cause goes unfunded. We believe that anyone with a cause should be empowered to seize considerable aid. In order to make it happen, we are removing barriers that individuals face in bringing their causes to life. We emphasize on our motto, "Power of Us" where we move on track of ambition, arrive at the station of success.

Who We Are - krowdcircle

What We Do

At Krowdcircle, our primary mission is to empower individuals and unite them around causes that matter to them. We make sure that our platform helps each cause come to life. We have seen innumerable cases where individuals or organization wish to support a particular cause, yet do not find an efficient platform to do so. Hence, we at Krowdcircle have come up with opportunities that efficiently fill the devastating caveat. We have created a powerful and intelligent way to connect causes with individuals who care. We are open to any and every cause, irrespective of its size and nature. Our Mission "Connecting lives at a platform where causes are met with means to address them".

What We Do - krowdcircle

Know How IT Works

We have a self-explanatory portal that efficiently guides a user through a systematic process. It guides and explains the ways of setting up your own profile. It further helps you to get started with your first project. We are here to offer you with multiple tips on the way to secure funding for distinct causes. Once the project goes Live on the website, it is shared across distinct social media platforms that help in increasing awareness. This urges people to come forward and donate. We at Krowdcircle encourage individuals to present their cause in an extremely dynamic and creative way that would engage people. This is done through photos and videos that present a cause in a precise manner. Know More

Know How IT Works - krowdcircle
Come Join Us - krowdcircle

Come Join Us

We strive to remove all such barriers that individuals or NGOs face in bringing their cause to life. Hence, we have come up with a platform that is easy to approach and individuals can put forward their cause in the form of campaigns. We make sure these campaigns go Live and a million hands come forward in support. Let the power of us help your cause! For those of you having trouble and facing any issue, remember that we are just a call away. Feel free to get in touch with us whenever you need help.