Online Crowdfunding

Online Crowdfunding Aiding Business Startups

Starting a business in the present times is not easy. Most of the startup business requires capital and resources to start. However, the concept of new startup business is changing and online crowdfunding is making it to the forefront of aiding startups. Plan a strategy of Online Crowdfunding It is imperative for the startup business to assess and understand which crowdfunding websites or platform is ideal for you. This depends on a variety of factors like the kind of business, kind of products or service you intend to sell, your target audience, your market scenario and many other factors. For…….Read More

best fundraising platform

The best fundraising platform reinforces the empowerment of women

Until and unless people from all nooks and corners step forward, existing social vices will remain unamended. Social evils come in various forms, be it illiteracy, poverty, gender discrimination or something as grave as terrorist activities. The best crowdfunding sites address most of these issues and amass popular support by making them aware of the significance of help needed from the magnitude to make this world a healthier is one of the best fundraising platform in Eastern India that is working in collaboration with many NGOs that have social reform as their numero uno agenda. Women empowerment tops the…….Read More

Crowdfunding website

Crowdfunding website: A viable platform for budding artists

The plenitude of valuable intentions will remain futile visions if the fund is not enough. Crowdfunding website could be a feasible tool for amassing popular support in achieving a benign goal, both social and personal. An artist’s life is a life of sticks and stones, but the road could be made easier by launching projects that are crowd funded. The aspiring artist should take certain factors into consideration to create a successful campaign. Almost all crowdfunding website‘s require the campaigner to set the exact amount of fund to be raised within a given period of time. The campaigner who strikes…….Read More

help for medical treatment

Crowdfunding could be the measure when it comes to expensive medical treatments

We dearly love our kin and when they are assailed by any kind of ailment we try to ensure that they receive the best treatment. But with medical expenses soaring high sometimes it becomes very difficult for those with fewer means to provide proper treatment to their ailing close friends or family members. Crowdfunding could be the answer to their difficulties. Crowd funding in short is a process by which a campaigner puts forward a cause (both personal and social) and harnesses financial support from people all and sundry through earnest appeals. With the donations collected the campaigner is benefitted. …….Read More

Crowdfunding for establishing Schools

Crowdfunding for establishing Schools: Drawing out rich minds from poor Homes

In theory, according to the Right to Education Act of the Parliament of India, which came into being on 4th August 2009, every child between the ages of 6 and 14 is meant to receive compulsory education. However, in practice, countless number of children in India, even today fall prey to child labor, child trafficking and other such atrocities every day. NGOs and nonprofit organizations in India and overseas actively take part in rescuing these children and realigning their lives. But often they fall short of fund and dreams are left unrealized. This scenario should immediately change. is giving…….Read More

Crowdfunding Environmental

Crowdfunding Environmental Projects: Heal the World; make it a better place

Society or the world at large is full of natural wonders. But it has its diseases too; environmental pollution being one of them. Environmental pollution is detrimental to human health, not withholding the fact that it also puts in danger the lives of almost all organisms inhabiting the earth. Existences of such organizations that endeavor to create environment friendly domains are large in number but often they do not have takers due to lack of financial support. Monetary support is conducive to the success of any large-scale initiative, such as one that would ensure ecological welfare. And what could be…….Read More


What you need to know before you start crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the coming together of a wide section of people for providing financial support or campaign platform to a particular cause. Crowdfunding celebrates the unity of people and also rejoices the delight of giving without expecting much in return. It brings together a pool of donors who would be interested to see a campaign successful. The donation from the crowd is necessarily small but the member base of the crowdfunding cause is huge which gives a boost to all the campaigns. But at the end of the day there are a few points to be ticked off before you…….Read More

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A Psychological approach to construct Engaging Crowdfunding Campaigns

In typical online transactions there isan idea of exchange of money in lieu of goods and services. Crowdfunding campaigns are a lot different though these are planned online, similar to the concept of doing online business yet different.  The crux of the matter lies in the fact that the crowdfunding campaign are a way of raising funds with the aim of donating for a cause. Therefore, the cause of the crusade has to be strong enough to induce the donor to donate funds. There may be several causes for which you might need the funds and theymight vary from being…….Read More


A Crowdfunding Platform and an NGO- Potential Confluence to Deliver Change

There is no denying the fact that each Non Profit sets out on a journey to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized, with a distinct vision that invariably differs from its contemporaries. The individual pioneering the cause is usually firm on his take and has the pathway to intervention all figured out. Often, the only concern that juts out happens to be that of funds! Whom to reach out to? How to convey the requirement? The rules of procurement? There is no end to such anguish for the noble souls who were all set to step out…….Read More


How to increase visibility of a campaign? (A tryst with Digital Marketing)

In this age of digitization, we look for precise content at the click of a button. We barely have time to read through the pages of a newspaper. Let’s admit we are tech freaks and choosy about what is out there.This calls for an understanding of how crowdfunding can find a space in such a dicey scenario. It is perhaps just one of the things Krowdcircle swears by, which can give your cause a boost i.e. Social Media(Digital Marketing)! With no end to such platforms, we prefer pinging or tagging rather than a heart to heart conversation on a meet……..Read More