Support road roller- the bengali rock band create a music video that upholds women empowerment

By Soubhik Lahiri Kolkata, India

Support road roller- the bengali rock band create a music video that upholds women

Support Road Rollers -the Band known for their composition ‘Notyo Fot’  in the the Movie 'Ajab Singh ki Gajab Kahani', to create a music video on women empowerment.


Using satire as a refuge instead of curt messages  to reflect creeping social evils, we- the Road Rollers, mock at the persisting odds demanding change through playfulness in our music and lyrics.

speak for the cause of woman empowerment

A rock band showcasing the confluence of classic, hard and Indie rock, we at road rollers create music for a cause. Our work is a reservoir of socio political content aiming the society at large.


With our first commercial success through release of our first album Rasta Karo Ekar Noy in 2011, followed a series of work like DIY(do it yourself) concerts, album releases until ‘Ajab Singh ki Gajab Kahani’ shot us to fame in 2017. Released under the T series banner, it is the first bollywood movie with the song- ‘Notyo Fot’ wholly composed, compiled and executed by us in three languages- English, Hindi and Bengali. The attempt became a You tube sensation and received critical acclaim for its socially relevant theme of a physically challenged individual fighting against corruption.

create a music video on women empowerment

The official fan song of Atletico De Kolkata added another feather to our cap. Scoring the theme song for the anti drugs campaign hosted by Kolkata Police, we became an integral part of such a heavy weight social campaign.


Despite our noteworthy work, today, we are at a juncture where we do not have sufficient funds to work on a music video very dear to us- ‘Hath Thakte Mukhe Keno’. It throws light on women empowerment in an alternate manner.  Enough of debates and discussions, it’s high time women start using their might to fight back the odds- is the crux of our musical. Wishful thinking does not serve a cause, one has to step up and raise demand for their rights. This benefits not only the pioneer of the cause or a privileged few, but also those underserved whose unheard voices are rendered as signs of weakness and ill fate. Such an impactful message will be portrayed by the live act of a pro boxer, thus using symbolism.


This work of art requires a steady budget for hiring a pro boxer as the protagonist, location charges for the boxing arena, a professional cinematographer and video editor as well as aid for promotion and release.


The detail of break up is as follows:






5D camera



7D camera



DOP charge






Sound Mixing studio



Location Rent



Band Shoot Location



Travelling (with equipments)






Our ardent request is to consider the relevance of the cause and extend a helping hand that gives shape to our thought and encourages us to vehemently speak for the cause of woman empowerment.

Name Amount Date
Sohini Majumder 100 2017-09-13
Nanda Lall Sharma 212 2017-09-13
Nanda Lall Sharma 210 2017-09-23
Sonali bhaumik 210 2017-09-01
Ayan debnath 200 2017-09-04
Sangeeta Ray 300 2017-09-07
Pujashree Chakraborty 220 2017-09-05
Abhimoy 140 2017-09-06
PRANAB KUMAR MANNA 240 2017-09-06
Anindita Dasgupta 300 2017-09-04
Prakash Kumar 130 2017-09-01
Keshav Rathi 200 2017-09-06
Jhuman 110 2017-09-07
antara 300 2017-09-01
Bed maya Sharma 175 2017-09-03
PRANAB MANNA 150 2017-09-04
Asit Bhattacharya 450 2017-09-06
Mrimmoy kolay 200 2017-09-07
Pranab Manna 10 2017-09-03
Rajat Jain 500 2017-09-01

 INR 4,507.00

Raised of  INR 1,00,000.00

4% Complete

989 days left

Road Rollers


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