Donate towards light and sound arrangements at prayasam organization empowering children

By Saptarshi Roy Kolkata, INDIA

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Donate towards light and sound arrangements at prayasam

Project Goal:-


Presently, we look forward to bridging the cultural divide, by hosting  special events , organising festivals, at the Art Space, for providing opportunities  to emerging  and experienced artists , individuals, organisations from diverse fields of art and pursuing different vocations to share , perform and exhibit their work and art. Thus the multipurpose Arts Space has started its journey as a learning and performance platform.


Kalanjali, is a 400sq.ft Artspace, where the arts meet society, to inform educate and transform.  So Kalanjali is committed to excellence, innovation and the excitement of using the arts for change. We expect our audiences will range from arts-lovers to people in positions of power, the less privileged across the world, children and youth. Kalanjali under the mentorship of Salt Lake City.


Thus Prayasam, is committed to rear and encourage the youth talents in the field of various art forms together with exhibiting the rich and rejuvenating work of the Masters who have contributed greatly in establishing our social and cultural identities.


Every  year,  in order to celebrate  and  honour  the  remarkable work  being  undertaken by Prayasam’s  youth partners in using creativity as force  for social change, we  organised  our  Annual Festival  ‘PRONAAM’, to salute the  community superheroes , our youth partners.


But this year we are expanding our horizons and will be honouring the ever glowing ‘Spirit of Kolkata’ and its remarkable people who are so integrally a part of it.


In this regard, we are organizing a 22 day festival, Protidin Prayasam Pronaam from 10th to 31st of December 2018, hosting artists in varied fields of art and  from different walks of life.


There will be an array of programmes and performers which will include dance, music, theatre shows as well as workshops, live talk shows, photo and art exhibitions, fusion of visual and performing arts, blending poetry, painting and music, sharing great experiences, as we endeavour to broaden and enlighten our concept of  Pronaam  among  adolescents and upcoming youth.


Since this festival will include performers and  professionals from different fields, it will create scope for great exposure to witness, interchange ideas, express views, as well as share knowledge and skills,  essential for mainstreaming  youth and  promoting  socio-cultural equality.


1. Audio equippments - Rs. 1,20,000/- 

2. Light equippments - Rs. 3,50,000/-

3. LED TV screen   -   Rs 1, 50,000/-


Programme Name :- Protidin Prayasam Pronaam
Venue: Kalanjali Arts Space, Salt Lake City
Date : 10th Dec. To 31st Dec. 2018
Time: 10.30 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Please find below the programme schedule  from  10th to  31st Dec. 2018.

Protidin Prayasam Pronaam - Pronaam to the spirit of Kolkata


  • 10th  – 12th December – Theatre Workshop – Jhalapala
  • 13th  - 14th   Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography Exhibition & Workshop
  • 15th – Drama – Hero  Rajar  Kalandar  by  Antaranga group
  • 16th – Fusion of music & painting
  • 17th  - Scaling new heights – Mountaineering
  • 18th  - Band Music - RED SWASTIK
  • 19th   - Short films viewing
  • 20th  - Esraj
  • 21st  - Jodi Bolo Rangin  - 3 day Workshop on  Poetry & Painting ( Impromptu )
  • 22nd – Indian dance – Solo recital  ( Kathak)
  • 23rd  – Violin   & Chhondo  Dance  Group
  • 24th -   FOOD FASHION – Food  Styling  & Food Photography Exhibition
  • 25th  – Jodi Bolo Rangin
  • 26th - Saanjhbati and  JhirJhir  - Jewellery  Exhibition, Music & Poetry
  • 27th  – 29th -  Satakshi Nandi – 3 day Workshop
  • 30th  – Jodi Bolo Rangin
  • 31st – Antidotes – Musical Band performance


Project Objective:-


Thus we need to technically equip the Performing Arts Centre with adequate and specific sound and light equipments and make the necessary arrangements, best suited to host the diverse range of events, for the forthcoming festival and similar programmes in future.  


Background of the Project:-


In this context, during the past year, an Arts Space has also been constructed at the office premises of Salt Lake City Prayasam, which  has  been supported Overseas Resource Foundation Ltd. ( ORFL )


In order to strengthen Prayasam’s ongoing mentoring process and nurture the skills of the youth, this Performing Art Centre, Kalanjali, a covered Art Space, was essentially built for youth as a permanent platform, to express themselves  through  the medium of any kind of art.


Thus, the main objective of this Art Space is to create a space for self expression where youth can not only freely learn, practice and rehearse but also openly express their feelings, ideas, views, innermost thoughts and desires, pent-up emotions without any judgement as well as cultivate their inner creative talent .


Since making art with people requires an honest exchange and a safe space where people can challenge ideas, fearlessly experiment, learn new skills, speak their minds and be respected.


Under the guidance of  Prayasam’s Chief Mentor, Amlan Ganguly, the Kalanjali sector is headed by Sikha Patra, the Chief Peer Educator, also an Ashoka Youth Venturer and a TEDx speaker, interviewed by Melinda Gates herself. Besides, she was a speaker at Skoll World Forum at Oxford, Polio Vaccine Summit in Abu Dhabi, Adobe Youth Voices Summit at Santa Clara University, Ashoka Future Forum. She is currently an Adobe Creativity Scholarship holder and the winner of Adobe Innovation Award for her work as the main coordinator of the Performing Arts Studio.


Prayasam’s youth members learn various creative media like dance movement therapy, drama, and music, as a tool of creative self-expression besides visual art forms like painting, photography and filmmaking. Also workshops, facilitated by international interns from Kenya, Philadelphia, Haverford University, Seattle University, as well as activity-based life skills sessions and skill development workshops are conducted on issues that affect both the personal as well as community life.


Keeping in view Prayasam’s  work impact and highly impressed by the passion and zeal of the lead  educator Sikha and her troupe as well as overcoming several hurdles , for staging the Indo- American dance production , RITU ( seasons of reflection ), under the guidance of  Prayasam’s Chief Mentor, Amlan Ganguly, ORFL decided to support Prayasam. 


As the sole Adobe Creative Catalyst Award winner in Asia, Prayasam collaborated with two other Adobe Creative Catalyst Award winners and well known youth arts organisations in the US to stage  RITU, the first dance installation  in Kolkata at very prestigious locations like the US Consulate and Indian Council for Cultural Relations ( ICCR), which was highly acclaimed by the media and the larger society.


Organisation brief:


Salt Lake City Prayasam is an organisation and  partner  of Unicef  and ADOBE working for the past 22 years to engage and empower children and youth  as  Changemakers, through the use of innovatve  and  diverse  creative media, to bring about positive, sustainable change, both in local communities  and  society at large.


The Stanford University  has also developed a documentary  film ’The Revolutionary Optimists’ highlighting  the founder  director’s  unique  ‘Area  Health Minders’ concept  and  process of mentoring  adolescents  and  youth,  to  become  powerful  and effective  leaders of change.


Mentoring  children and youth through traditional, contemporary and popular art forms has been Prayasam’s  mission ever since its inception and in this context, the founder director’s role as a public health leader  and  Chief  Mentor, has been internationally acclaimed.  


More  recently, since  the  past  5 years  in partnership  with Adobe  and well known youth arts organisations in the US , Spain, SDI ( Kenya) in Nairobi, Prayasam’s  youth  partners , are  also amplifying the impact and  visibility of their work  as Peer Leaders, by collaborating with their youth partners, in several communities across globe. It is also worth mentioning, that Prayasam is  the only winner of the Adobe Creative Catalyst Award and among six globally. 


Over our 22 year old journey we have realised the great potential of  participation in diverse art forms to address different health issues and directed our energies into learning more about  impact of varied art forms and creative activities to promote the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. And  during this period, our investments and programs, infused with technology have become more sophisticated, integrated and our understanding about the links and impact of art on holistic health  has deepened. This knowledge is now being shared between artists, youth led arts organisations, funding and research institutes, international  agencies and a broad range of communities and organisations, which are eager to explore the potential of the arts. It also helps us to explore and interpret our stories and gain insight about how other people see the world.


Thus  the work of Prayasam and its young partners across communities  is built on a solid foundation of shared innovative strategies and learnt expertise.  Also the dedication and passion of Prayasam’s youth as Peer Leaders , project mentors and most of their peers across the globe is a shinning example of the power of collaboration.


We are proud to have been involved in development programs involving both Performing and Visual Arts for Community Change  and  hope our experiences will be a valuable resource for anyone exploring the potential for art in their communities and also inspire more innovative community activities to facilitate a creative process for expressing their needs, aspirations,  sense of ownership and problem solving in  future.

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