A home for countless abandoned mother and child - an initiative by hope kolkata

By Geeta VenkadaKrishnan Kolkata, India

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A home for countless abandoned mother and child - an initiative

“Ranjana was born to have a frolicking childhood, but, as fate would have it, she was the victim of her parent’s uncertain separation. Agonized mother Shanti approached HOPE Kolkata Foundation to provide her a safe haven. Ranjana’s insecurities lead to erratic outbursts and craving for her family. HOPE, thereafter, stepped in to counsel the family members. It was inculcated in them that the child could be restored to normalcy only under the care of family. Her father was convinced by Hope’s intervention and realized- his daughter deserves a good life and the responsibility has to be borne by him. Ranjana is doing fine now, sheltered by her father and is pursuing education from Buniyadi High School.''


Rehabilitation of any victim is a challenge in the true sense of the term. Not only does it comprise development in cognitive terms, but also restoration of lost faith. And, when it comes to children, often chances are bleak if the intervention is not timely in the early stages. In the long run, comprehensive development suffers a setback.


Likewise, for women, rejection in one’s own family often witness social bonds to run asunder, leading to abandonment, separation and foremost- instills a feeling of insecurity. Losing self esteem being at the mercy of others has numerous pitfalls.


We, in Hope Kolkata Foundation, have internalized the trauma of such victims all along our journey to make a change. Thus, we stepped up with an arrangement to alter this grim reality.


Our Kolkata unit came up with a short stay home (Mother and Child Care Unit) for Mothers along with their children, who are in crisis on the streets and railway platforms. Their distressed condition and unhealthy exposure demands immediate care and protection. We designed a program to provide them a shelter with a scope of rehabilitation through vocational training and education.


Through the Mother and Child Unit we rescue, rehabilitate, repatriate and restore the girls and mother and child. Over the years, we have supported 123 girls and mothers.


Hope’s intervention focuses on bringing about significant change in the scenario. We have been catering to the following -


We provide counseling session for the children and the families before and after restoration.Such sessions are also conducted for the mother before enrolling them in vocational classes, such asbeauticians, tailoring, handicrafts, home management, computer operating etc.


We provide Non-formal education to children living in MCCU,also assess the learning ability of childrenevery month to track their progress.

  • Group counseling and other therapies are given to children and mothers as per need.
  • Develop linkages with other institution to ensure their need base psychiatric assistance.
  • Develop linkages with suitable institution for child with special need.
  • Provide trainings on life skills education that includes coping mechanism, interpersonal relationship,social communication, decision making, problem solving etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational activities for the children are planned.
  • Training on balanced diet and low cost nutrition sexual health and personal hygiene for mothers and children.
  • Family assessment of mothers & children within a month and within two months in case of other state.
  • Follow up through visits in home or institution after being placed in home or institution.This will be donemonthly for first 6 months and quarterly in next 6 month or half yearly in next one year for restoration within the state.
  • Provide monthly need based education support to children through Education Sponsorship.
  • Linkage with available government schemes on income generation by case workers.
  • Enrolling restored children in school as well as create a safety net for the children living in family with the help of local stakeholders

In spite of our considerable attempts and substantial work towards alleviating and liberating disturbed souls, we are at a juncture when our effort has started losing momentum due to lack of funds.


Our frugal budget shows requirement of Rs 10.00.000 to mete out the current crisis.


Hopefully our appeal through Krowdcircle will reach the potential donors who have stood by us in our journey all along, and also those who identify with our cause and render it to be socially relevant. Each contribution will be significant in adding meaning to the lives of these deserted victims.


“When you inherit a broken family, you cannot throw it away and get a new one; what you can do is find people and situations that provide for you what your family cannot”- Iyania Vanzant

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