“The best way of evading fire in the hell lies in feeding the hungry, providing water to the thirsty, removing the wants of the needy and befriending the miserable”

Khwaja Gharib Nawaz is the title shared by Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty(ra), considering his compassion to reach out to the poor. Chishty Foundation follows his blessed vision to love and serve the humanity, giving up on hatred.I am his Banda (at his service), Doing my Bit…

Carrying the essence of Khawaja Ji’s holy words in heart, I, Haji Syed Salman Chishty, the 26th generations Gaddi-Nashin (custodian)of the Holy Shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty(ra), have taken the onus to serve food amongst the needy in the neighboring villages of Ajmer Sharif. 

Very Humbly, I appeal for donations- big or small to purchase a mobile van, to be used for the purpose of distributing 1000 packets of vegetable Pulav, sweet rice, vegetarian Sufi meals each day. The van will be designed in the likeness of a free veg sufi meal distribution food truck. The concept of food truck is innovative and only prevalent in the metros. We feel this new concept can serve us reach out far and wide.

Gangwane, Ootra, Hatundi, Jilawra, Bitore, Ratidang, Nagelao, Nearan, Loharwara, Kucheel, Katsoora, etc, are located in the backward regions of Ajmer with bare means of communication. Distributing food here is impossible without the access of a vehicle. Dargah Sharif has been serving the underprivileged since long…

The Dargah Ajmer Sharif has been serving since last 800 years and have been engaged in tireless service towards rehabilitating the uncountable underserved, who have pleaded at the Holy Shrine for relief- one being food. This time, our sentiment remains the same; what changes, is the approach. 

Ajmer Sharif already serves food to countless hungry each day. Vegetable pulav, sweet rice n other Sufi meals are prepared in and around the premises of Dargah Sharif . It is then distributed in the Langar Khana and other food serving places - where people of all caste, creed, religion or status relish the delicacy. 

Fresh food is prepared each morning. So, often the excess is invariably wasted. The Langar has potential to feed more people each day with the considerable quantity prepared. When excess meets necessity, it spells magic! So, the concept of mobile langar will definitely serve in making a difference in the lives of underserved people residing in the neighbouring villages of Ajmer Sharif city.We wish to cater to primary needs of more people around us..

Perhaps, this is just the start. In times to come, we have plans to reach out to the impoverished and needy with basic supplies of clothes, medicine and other aid, along with the food in the Langar distribution truck.

Service towards humanity has myriad manifestations. What is important is the conscience to extend an equal share to those who deserve, besides the ones who do not hesitate to ask for it. The initiative of mobile langar is the born out of the necessity to reach out to people who are perhaps unable to walk the distance or, are unaware of their access to the service of the Holy Shrine of prosperity.

Name Amount Date
Sameer sayyed 500 2017-09-01
B.pramod kumar 500 2017-09-06
Sunny Raut 100 2017-09-06
Anwar khan 250000 2017-09-05
Rajat Jain 500.0 2017-11-02
mrimoy 1.0
mrimoy 1.0
mrimoy 1.0
mrimoy 1.0

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