Passion network helps in converting your passion into profession

By Nikhil P Pai Bangalore, India

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Passion network helps in converting your passion into profession

Won’t you be delighted if you get paid for your hobby? For an instance, if your interest lies in acting, how would you react if you get selected by the finest director, for a role you dreamt playing all along, without waiting in the never ending audition queue! Passion Network grants the wish of many such individuals, who intend to pursue their passion. And, what can be better if that pays!


Under the wings of four versatile individuals, OSTO- One Stop Opoortunity alias Passion Network is growing up. Commanding leader Sanjay, persuasive analyst Zafar, an effective marketer Nikhil and a tech genius Abhirama’s brainchild will, in a while, be all set to fly, but, with a little public support.


In a crux, it is a talent sourcing initiative; to be launched through an Application as well as, a Website.


The idea is to reach out to multi talented individuals in the remotest corners of India through the platform of Passion Network, and sharing with them the opportunity to showcase their aptitude in the public forum.


The USP of the platform is to streamline talent on the basis of two aspects- Passion and Location. As soon as anyone registers, the platform will filter him/her considering these two perspectives. The benefit will be mutual for both- the talented as well as the people trying to source potential candidates as per the standards of their field of expertise.


As of now, entertainment section will be the central focus. It will incorporate segments like music, dance, acting, movies, documentaries, etc. During registrations, the passion selected by someone directs related posts on the particular person’s profile. A profile highlights the prospective talent borne by an individual. Thus, it creates an assembly of people with similar interests and offerings.  Among them, there can be probable professionals hunting for specific profiles in their proximity. This makes Passion Network a store house of opportunity for the right talent.


It is an extensive and well researched project. Its features are in sync with people’s understanding and probable demand. Further, the founders have plans to conduct online and offline events to showcase talent. Public voting, in case of multiple performances showcased, will play a significant part as a judging quotient.


The initial target zones are restricted to Karnataka in the nascent stages, and gradually aim at reaching out across India within a span of next six months. The founders felt, besides Passion, Location too matters to be a deciding factor in case of talent sourcing, majorly because of the language limitations of a particular geography.


In near future, segments like health, politics, agriculture will be integral parts of the initiative. Followers can choose their area of interest according to the zone they belong and receive updates about events and people sharing similar inclinations as their own.


This extremely multifaceted software demands considerable expense to get a shape in reality. Four engineers have sacrificed their highly paid profession just to make a remarkable accomplishment for public good. They appeal to us for acknowledging their commitment.  Make donations- big or small, each of which will hold immense value as a contribution towards nurturing their passion.

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