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Family Office Giving

In Sync With The Family Tradition

The concept of Daan is etched in the threshold of Indian Society. Providing for family, friends, relative, acquaintance, towards charity and devotional causes is nothing new to us, owing to our socialist spirit. For all those families sharing similar sentiments, KROWDCIRCLE happens to be an ideal platform. Help can be extended to plethora of issues and individuals whose appeal strikes the chord.

We help you reach out to the needy, which must have been a regular thing in your family since ages. Although, it is altogether a different ball game for the pragmatists who consider capitalizing on anything and everything that comes across. They benefit from the tax exemption norm by contributing to NGOs which retain 80 G exemption permit. So, definitely a benevolent act can boost your business and your morale at the same time.

An adage goes on to say, “With great power comes great responsibility”. An impactful message for any heir apparent. Shouldering the responsibility of a collective endeavour by predecessors of a family holds tremendous significance in terms of setting example for the future generations. Inheritance in terms of assets might be an easy catch. But, when it comes to sharing similar morals and upholding the ethics ingrained in the vision of the founding members, it is daunting.