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Pedestals Of Benevolence

Social discontent arising from socio economic crisis leads to tarnishing of the existing social fabric. This calls for extending provisions to the needy in order to prevent anarchy and disorientation. Civic institutions founded with the aim of meting out such crisis, often tend to support the most apparent causes. Whereas, KROWDCIRCLE takes pride in its endeavour to bring forth an array of causes that go unnoticed, but are equal in severity.

Collective proposals of intellectuals with deeper understanding of social crisis are the foundation of donor institutions. They have their effective means to reach out to non profits or sections under limelight of the media. In turn, causes lacking exclusive PR fascia, suffer a setback for failing to make donors acknowledge their struggle. Our platform pledges to recognize and boost them through our global outreach.

The motto is to uplift the abandoned, and place them on a dais so that their endurance does not miss the compassionate eye.