Faq - Krowdcircle

Info For Campaigners (Individuals, Groups, NGOs)

You need to move in simple steps. To start with a campaign, keep in mind the following steps:
  • Sign up on krowdcircle.com
  • Fill up suitable information
  • Review and then publish
  • This makes your campaign go live.
No. At Krowdcircle.com, we do not charge any fee for creating a fundraiser or for featuring a project on the website.
You need to login on Krowdcircle.com where you will find an option for uploading documents. Please upload the required documents out there. If you have any queries, please get in touch with support@krowdcircle.com.
Once the first donation is received, each campaign at Krowdcircle is open for public viewing.
Yes, you can raise funds for anybody and everybody who need to get funded during the crucial times.
Each transaction is secured on Krowdcircle.com. In addition to the donors’ money, we have also got your money secured until you wish to withdraw it out through bank transfer.
You are exposed to no time limits or deadlines. You can run a campaign for one, three, six and twelve months as per your requirement.
Yes, you can. You can easily drop in a mail at Krowdcircle.com, and we take care of the rest.
When you receive the very first donation on your campaign, Krowdcircle asks you for the payout details. You receive the amount with the campaign ending and once the documents are verified.
The payout is received two weeks after the fundraising campaign ends.
Even if your goal is not met, you shall receive the raised amount post the transactional processing fee. To know more about the fees, visit the plans and pricing section.
You sure have distinct group circles in life. While one must be your inner circle, the other is your outer one. Inner circle comprises of friends, family and colleagues while the outer circle comprises of distant relatives, old friends, ex-colleagues, and others.

Initially you need to reach out to your inner circle that is sure to support you. They know how passionate you are about the cause and hence are bound to support. When the outer circle sees that you have support from the inner circle, they are also going to extend their support. Expand your network and reach out to anyone and everyone you know.
Each image that is uploaded by the campaigner can be supported by a caption that efficiently describes the image. This will in turn support the campaign and be more informative.
An SMS along with an automated email notifies you each time a donation is being made to your campaign. The entire donor list is available in your account.
It is completely free to create as well as share the online fundraising campaign. Krowdcircle deducts about a fee of 6% along with 3% PG Charges. We also deduct a service tax from each of the donations you receive. Our fee is deducted automatically and hence there will never be any pressure on you to owe us any amount of money. You can look up to Pricing and fees for additional information.
We are extremely sorry. We are still a beginner and it is important for us to generate revenue to make sure we serve you better. However, with time we are sure to reduce the charges.

Introducing Crowdfunding And Krowdcircle

Crowdfunding is a method to raise capital through a definite process of collective effort. This collective effort is gathered from a large group of people (friends, relatives, family, colleagues and others).
Krowdcircle is an online platform to raise funds for diverse causes, which include social (Non-Profits/Charities), Research/Technology and personal causes like health or education. This is achieved from individuals at large sharing the same interest or passion. It has been recognized as the most innovative modern platform for distinct charitable causes. This custom-built platform has been designed on distinct crowdfunding strategies.
One can raise money for everything, ranging from unaffordable educational expenses to any situation struck by natural calamity. On Krowdcircle, you can usually raise funds for the following factors,
  • Medical and health emergencies
  • Animals
  • Natural disaster
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Religion
  • Neighborhood
The whole process is an extremely easy one. You are just required to sign up on the website at www.krowdcircle.com, begin a fundraising page while invite your friends and family for contributing towards the cause. You can ask them to share it by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and other social networking areas. This further helps you to reach the dedicated goal amount while collect fund from us once the fundraiser ends.
Create and publish your own campaign: You can create your own campaign stating the amount of funds you require and the time duration available for it. Spread love and donate: There are distinct ongoing campaigns, which you can check upon to make a suitable donation. Support causes: You can do this through sharing the page on distinct social media platforms.
This is a page on Krowdcircle, which is used to raise funds for a definite cause or purpose. An individual or large group of individuals performs this exercise. The platform further invites contributors from all over the globe to be one for a particular cause requiring financial aid.
We strive to help you raise maximum amount of fund possible for a particular cause with the aid of state of the art facilities like database, support and technology.
Traffic: Krowdcircle has large number of visitors compared to other fundraising platforms who wish to donate for a particular cause. Free Marketing: You can avail free marketing on reaching certain milestones. Unlimited options of Payment Gateway: With the aid of this platform, your backers are able to avail distinct payment options.

Instructions For NGOs

Krowdcircle.com is a platform, which empowers anybody and everybody to start social fundraising all over the globe. In order to raise funds, it is imperative to submit all essential information. A time span of 1-2 days is taken in order to scan through the documents and reach back to you. After the approval, Krowdcircle sends a campaign contract comprising of terms and conditions. After the execution of the contract, the approved Charity/Non Profits create campaigns and start raising funds.
All Non Profits/Charity organisations need to submit the following documents:
  • Registration Certificate/ Incorporation Document/ trust Deed/ Society Seed (Compulsory)
  • 80G Registration Certificate (If applicable)
  • Society Seed/Deed (compulsory)
  • PAN Card copy (compulsory)
  • Information of Bank Account (mandatory)
  • Bank details and FCRA Certificate (If applicable)
  • Undertaking (Mandatory)
Our primary objective is to empower individuals and serve the society. We need to be sustainable in order to have a long lasting impact. This is the reason why we retain a very small percentage of funds for covering the operation costs.
The entire donated amount will be transferred to the bank account of the organization.
When the campaign ends, the donations are disbursed to the respective Charity/Non Profits. The amounts are directly transferred to the bank accounts.
The Indian Government allows income tax deductions under the Section 80G for the total amount that has been donated. Exemption under section 80G offers rebate to a donor on the total amount that is donated.
No, you do not need 80G exemption certificate to raise funds on Krowdcircle.com. Your supporters too will be informed about the same.
You will issue the 80G tax exemption certificate to the Indian donors. We will provide you with all the donor details.
NGO needs the approval of Indian Government in order to receive contribution in any currency from foreign sources. In other words, the NGO needs to register under FCRA (foreign contribution regulation act).
No, you do not need FCRA permission for raising funds on Krowdcricle.com from Indian donors. However, Krowdcircle will not give your permission to raise funds from non-Indian/foreign donors if you do not have the permission to accept foreign funds or contributions.
You can opt for either while you create the campaign. In reward based you pledge to provide the donor with special token of appreciation for different levels of contribution decided by you, whereas in donation based the donor expects nothing in return.

Guidelines For Donors

No. We make sure we never charge your donors, with them knowing it or without. Donors only need to give the amount they wish to contribute as a part of the donation.
Yes, you can. A refund request can certainly be made within a period of 5 days post contribution. It is important to note that if the payment processor has already deducted the transaction fees, then it shall also be deducted from the money you receive back. Once Krowdcircle.com makes the payment to the campaigner, Krowdcircle.com is discharged of all liabilities and no kind of refunds are processed thereafter.
There are multiple payment methods like MasterCard, Visa Credit Card, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Switch/Maestro and Paypal.
Any NGO posting a campaign is responsible to share required documents including the one with 80G Tax exemption permission. So before donating you can verify whether you are likely to get the exemption certificate.
Each campaign specifies whether it is donation or reward based. You can acquire goodies or tokens of appreciation based on particular contribution amounts mentioned by the campaigner in case of reward based campaigns. Whereas, donation based ones require selfless contribution.