Funding Tips

A campaign is a long drawn process that requires a considerable amount of fund that helps it to reach the target goal. It is extremely important to generate funds. A number of steps help the funding process in a better manner. Here are a few tips for funding:

Communicate Without Hesitation

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It is only a campaigner who understands the severity (direness) of a cause. So, it is his sole responsibility to reach out to the maximum number of people around, in whichever way possible. Increasing awareness amidst social circles, including friends, relatives and family improves the chances of reaching the fund target at the earliest.

We often tend to miss out on the people closest to us, either not being conscious of the help they can provide or hesitating to ask for their kindness towards something very personal- we strongly feel for. If we do not communicate our concern, we might miss out on capitalizing the fact that they too share similar thoughts.

Global survey confirms the initial 30% of funds flow in mostly from the people we know around us. So, it is essential to bring concerned individuals in the sphere of confidence so that, even if they are not contributing towards the cause, at least they make an effort to spread the word.

Reach Out Through Social Media

Through the word of mouth we might be able to cater to acquaintances, but there may be such individuals and groups who can prove to be potential empathizers. There is no other means to target them other than the wide range of social media platforms at our disposure. Be it through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Whatsapp or certain offbeat platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, serves best in conveying your concern to the world.

When a cause is conveyed across borders, the issue might become global, considering that somebody else in any other remotest belts might connect with similar experience. Not only it boosts the campaign, but also validates it in the eyes of the world.

Potential donors need not necessarily be rich and famous, they might me like you and me, with a heart of benevolence, contributing towards changing the life of an individual or any underserved community.

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Be Thankful

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An expression of gratitude is not only a manifestation of thankfulness; it goes beyond to appreciate a person’s attempt to stand by someone in real need of support. It also acts as a quotient of encouraging donations for a cause in near future from the same backer.

Every time a donation is made, a notification is received by the campaigner. This opportunity should be well used to convey regards to the supporter, acknowledging his contribution in public. As the common human psychology goes, this will definitely boost his spirit to get integrally associated with your concern.

Avoiding inhibitions to own up publicly that you have been helped can come in the way of reaching your fund target. May be, being more expressive about the help from an individual or group might get you more supporters who are acquaintances of the people who helped you. So…go ahead and send thank you notes to even those who contributed the least!

Share The Updates With Donors

We have to admit that even in case of the smallest donation, it comes out of a true concern for the cause. Somewhere deep down the backer/donor is touched by your thoughts and words. So, make it a point to keep him updated on all the recent progresses on the campaign. This serves in making the backer feel that his contribution is being directed towards a significant change. This feeling of tacit involvement goes a long way in boosting his spirit for engaging himself further.

Involvement acts as a catalyst to help the backer take up the onus to make the cause a success.

So, you get not only the bit of contribution, but also a supporter in true sense of the term (may be with a better reach/contacts than you), who assists you in reaching your goal leaving no stone unturned. Any positive change acts as a means of virtual satisfaction for an individual sitting in some distant corner of the world.

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Frequency of Updates

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Being in constant touch with the donors/backers is of utmost necessity. Social media can be the platform of communication, also because it takes care of transparency.

It is important to convey the current status at least ones a week. This helps a campaigner develop a personal bond with the donors who supported him with adequate funds when it was most required.

It always feels good if we are able to contribute towards a person’s well being. So, if someone donates towards a cause, the person deserves to whether his money contributes towards a substantial change or not and also the specific time frame within which the change is evident. It is obviously effective for many others in social media to get a glimpse of the power of crowdfunding.


In a crowdfunding platform we expect strangers to empathize with our concern and extend their support. So, for obvious reasons we need to create a bridge for transparent and authentic communication. This bridge is your campaign summary and the visuals supporting it.

It is important to remember that a campaign needs to reach out to donors across the globe in order to achieve the fund target. Any individual sitting in the remotest corner of the world steps up with donations based on the information given and appeal made through the campaign.

It is equally important to back up the content with visuals conveying a clear picture. Nothing can serve better than authorized documents to validate the campaign and declare its authenticity.

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Effective Means of Communication