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The Confluence of Idea And Intent

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; Together we can do great things.- Mother Teresa

Krowdcircle and Global Giving have joined hands with the objective of sharing knowledge and experience related to the ‘Fundamentals of Crowdfunding and the Art of Garnering Public Support’, with enlightened minds and benevolent souls on November 7, 2017 in Royal Calcutta Golf Club.

Their endeavors have been subject to laudable commendations by media worldwide and illustrated by renowned foundations that have been significantly successful in spreading goodwill globally under their aegis. They are GLOBAL GIVING, US based eminent crowdfunding organization. The initiators- Mari and Dennis are people of extraordinary merit, who instinctively built the forum with the focus of creating a bridge between People with ideas but lack of funds and People with the resource to support. Since 2002, Global Giving has left no stone unturned to reach out with their agenda of developing the underserved communities around the world, aiding many Non Profits to reach their developmental goals.

We at Krowdcircle, feel proud to be part of a similar initiative and would express our heartfelt gratitude for the prompt support of Global Giving in encouraging us to dream of a better future for crowdfunding in India.

  • Internet penetration in India witnessed a major upsurge in the last decade with 60% urban population and 760 million probable users in rural India. Thus, a total of nearly 500 million users out of 3.63 billion of the existing global average, exist in India. Amidst this overwhelming figure, over a 150 million have social media accounts among 2.43 billion across the globe.
  • Amidst the teeming billions, India boasts of a whooping middle class population of slightly over 200 million- approximately more than 20 % of its overall population. By 2025-26 it is on its way to become double as the optimists share.
  • Average wages are expected to quadruple by 2030. Estimates show average spending capacity is on the rise by leaps and bounds- from 17 trillion in 2005(60% of GDP) it is projected to reach 70 trillion by 2025.

Not only crowdfunding gives you the scope to opt for an alternate finance, but also, runs a test whether your idea or product appeals to the market at large.

Based on this rational forecast, our motivation to spread awareness has multiplied manifold. Considering the social scenario in India, it is an utmost essential for the privileged to be a trustee to the underserved and unselfishly serve to the needs of the marginalized. We urge every individual to be a part of this valuable knowledge sharing initiative and spread the word digitally to reach out to the maximum number. It is only our collective conscience that can be instrumental in delivering change.