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How To Market Your Cause

Krowdcircle’s Assessment is Firm, thus, the Reaction- Blatant! For the considerable while we have been deeply associated with the concept of crowdfunding, we have drawn certain substantial inferences.

Days on end, from day 1, our diligent team has been pouring in their effort to help people’s cause reach out to the global audience. Each doing there bit to build up noteworthy campaigns. Be it the technical web team, the graphic designers and developers, the creative content writers, the section managers, last but not the least- an encouraging management.

Often we were faced with severe blows in terms of weak collections for our campaigners. We slogged to figure out possible ways. The more we delved deep; we realized that there was an urgency of mending our approach. All we could have done was restricted to improving the strategy, enhance visibility of campaigns using social media or other digital marketing platforms, and create awareness about the concept and effectiveness of the platform. It wasn’t just enough!

As the days progressed, increasing interactions with campaigners became the central focus.

What we learnt?

  • A campaign’s fate depended on the compassion of the reader or donor. So, from that standpoint the first requisite is an effective appeal by the campaigner. A campaign is the brainchild of an individual. Only that single entity understands the severity of situation caused due to lack of funds. It is sentiments that people get attached with, so, any campaign for any cause should bear the concern that provoked its creation in the first place.

    Exclusive visuals, as many can be sourced, a soulful narrative expressing the plight explicitly, documents validating the cause and immediacy along with the clear break up of funds required at every stage- happens to be the attributes defining the merit and authenticity of a campaign.
  • Calibrating the presentation of a campaign might help initially, but, now you need to put in the actual effort. A platform might be performing its duty meticulously by strategizing options to reach out to the target audience globally and detecting potential donors.

    Post that, it is you, who takes the cue and engages friends, family, acquaintances and potential donors in effective discussion in social media. Global survey confirms the initial 30% of funds flow in mostly from the people we know around us. This sets an impact due to the growing support for a campaign and is bound to draw attention of others.

    The responsibility of updating the potential benefactors of the current situation at regular intervals through emails and quick posts, has to be shouldered by the campaigner. This helps donors to virtually step into your shoes and sense your crisis, thus encouraging them to step up and help.
  • Only for campaigners Resorting to Reward Based Campaigns:

    At times, it may so happen that, in spite of adhering to the aforementioned norms, the campaign does not fare well. This can be received as an indication of caution or a message of inspiration. The underlying note might be that the product or idea is not yet in sync with the public demand and has to be revamped. The positive instinct that it triggers will definitely compel an individual to research well and revise the plans before the real time launch. The time span to be spent on actual large scale execution is saved, and the investment which could have otherwise failed, is preserved for a brighter future prospect.

    Thus, it shows a campaigner’s involvement is an imperative behind the success of a campaign because it is your cause and your need. Own it to market it!